Ritual Beats

Producers know how to enhance an artist's strengths.  using the right beats is crucial in any genre, especially in hip Hop / Rap music.​  RiTuaL BeaTS  is designed for artists and  record labels who need ENGAGEMENT. choose production from our hand picked newcomers, or allow us to choose the right production for you. We place a great deal of focus on the listener's experience, we will supply the energy needed to reach your creative pinnacle. We have progressive contracts with stand out beat smiths and seasoned vets. Using this service not only saves you time, but you get the obeysound.com assurance, that YOU will receive a truly EXCLUSIVE beat every time. Collaborative profit splits may apply - creating music over the right production is vital to an artist's success. we can find your KEY SOUND, opening the doors for you to cultivate your cult following.

with target marketing and our curated production,

we can enhance your overall fan engagement.