Founded in 2009, our core purpose is to put digital distribution and marketing in the hands of independent artists & labels.  
our forward thinking allowed us to create a bridge towards independent success. our renowned partner programs and collaborations with E-ONE, SONY REDand EMPIRE, have been utilized by high caliber acts like RICK ROSS, NIPSEY HUSSLE, BIG SEAN and many others. 
We work directly with key taste-makers in our industry, from press to legal. All access membership holders gain a direct connection to top tier lifestyle blogs, radio stations, show promoters and merchandise developers. 

We celebrate the artists, our mgmt. group focuses on project development

and emerging acts. if we accept your membership request, you will gain

all access to exclusive production, effective marketing and industry insiders.


today we are more than just a digital distributor, we provide for creatives 

who share the same vision as you, our sights are on continued touring, merchandising & corporate sponsorship opportunities for all of our members. 





with us.

60/40 splits

in your favor...



We invite you into our system. build momentum, engage new fans, monetize your efforts.