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we exist in a streaming dominated era. fans have an abundance of options and total control of who they listen to. selling music is an antiquated concept, but it's not impossible to monetize it with the right market research and strategy. the key to creating a revenue stream from your music in today's climate is to cultivate truesupporters. obeysound.com can help you create a fan base, we can help you go on tour and sell a shit ton of merch. we invite artists and labels to apply for a membership, become a part of our mgmt. group and grow your brand beyond your reach. our members gain access to various branding solutions used during major releases by premier industry acts. a necessary step to stand out from the ocean of music out there is to develop a custom creative direction, rather than trying to make your image YOUNG THUG 2.O. we have access to various crowd cultivating platforms that will allow you to gain exposure through social engineering. how your brand is perceived by potential fans determines if they will  embrace your music or not. the only real way to accomplish anything in this business is with a support system. obeysound.com and our partnerships will make your brand viable, while allowing you to focus on daily operations... we aim to serve as the faceless team behind  your accomplishments . 

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250k streams or more, we want to offer you a chance to join our partnership program    

 with the right plans and strategies, you can accomplish your goals.

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the obsxd staff is made up of professionals who worked on various classics.


our business is modeled on the notion of making something out of nothing and thriving,

Hip Hop publicity,  Hip Hop PR company, hip hop promo, learn the difference.