I am one of the chosen few that was able to escape it, after THE GREAT FALL I rose to the occasion. Luckily I was able to grow, and I learned from my past, i did the math and moved towards that cash. I know revenge is a dish that is BEST SERVED COLD I wasn't suppose to make it, plenty of haters tried to stop my shine, they tried to restrict my growth... CATCH ME IF YOU CAN  On my prime artistically, with no need  to fake it, with #discipline and #endurance lets see how far i can take it ... on THE ALTERNATE ENDING

only for the real ones #truedat #boutdat  #moremoney follow me on twitter @CALICVSH  fucc with your boy... I'M DOiNG THIS FOR YOU. don't let me forget, I time traveled just to watch me do me! I encourage the real ones to reach out for a private soundcloud link to what I feel is my magnus opus , an unwritten hour long freestyle over unreleased Kanye west beats titled  #TiMEPARAdOX  I'm definitely in RARE FORM on it. 

I put my LIFE ON THE LINE when i spit these bars. I'm bringing you real emotions and real events, that shaped me into the incarnation that i am today. I'm showcasing a transcendental ability and a creative approach that differs from most . I evolved from a "street life" mentality and i decided to change my reality. I practiced Cognitive reframing, until I was able to walk away from my only source of financial stability,  in order to suppress the paranoia and guilt but above all, the inevitable end results. I can now say with relief, I DON'T SELL DRUGS anymore, I once felt obligated. It took growth from my part, it took my so called friends to exercise their betrayal #UFRAUD #URAT but I was able to create an alternate ending for myself. I represent humble beginnings, perseverance and triumph, I rose from the lowest form of poverty to various comforts and numerous opportunities to excel. I walked through the fire without breaking a sweat boy! they hated on me, then THEY STOLE MY STORY!!! ;to make their approach more appealing to an impressionable audience, but they failed to acknowledge that my transgressions were only out of necessity and misguidance. As teenagers we glorified Tony Montana and Manolo, in hopes that we can experience at least a glimpse of their success in our real lives, it wasn't worth it but my raps RAW cause of it. I often refer to it, like PTSD in ART form. The organic process that I use while developing my records makes even the biggest skeptics say  DAt BOY GOOD... on that note, life is just a big pussy waiting to get  Fucked right?? Why DID Tony kill Manolo? Sway ain't got the answers for that conundrum neither...but  I know why.