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   it was the summer of 1998 when Cali Cvsh was first intrigued by the culture. At the adolescent age of 12, He became intrigued by Hustler music and gangster rap. Songs like "Get at me Dog" and "Damien" by DMX were captivating His young mind. Hip Hop was inspiring His impressionable mind, the music He was hearing would eventually influence Him to write His own lyrics, but the songs were also introducing a young Cali Cvsh to a side of life that was much darker than His own adolescence. songs like "money ain't a thing" by Jay-z, increased His desire to become wealthy. that combination would be enough to lead the youth astray, into a path of crime and questionable choices. 

with very little parental supervision. Cali Cvsh would eventually start exploring Jersey City’s crime infested streets; which He called home.  


“I remember having a difficult time with any type of authority figure, I was always bigger than other kids my age, being bullied turned me into a bully... when you're just a kid, it's hard to see when you're behaving like an asshole... at the time, I felt like my mom stole me from my dad, i didn't understand that we were in a fortunate situation above all the hardships we went through.''  


It took a couple close calls with the law to really change His perception, Cali Cvsh cheated death in several occasions as a teen. What was suppose to be a routine "re-up" turned into a fatal car wreck that killed one of His best friends.

" It was one of the worst moments I've experienced, we got pulled over for running a red light on 440. I got snatched out of the passenger seat for being drunk and disorderly, 

my bro panicked and floored the whip... He ended up on life support, I got beat like a sample kit... RiP my guy Eloy, for real " 


Drug dealing and violence was normalized on old bergen and , it was quite common to hear gunshots, often hearing tales of theft and burglary on casual conversations. Although He was sheltered from criminal activity early in His life, outside influences would eventually disrupt His household. Fights in school led to Fights after school, the issues became evident when He got expelled in 5th Grade. 


From the golden era of Hip Hop, to the streaming era, Cali Cvsh is creating timeless material, with records about perseverance and discipline. His messages are encouraging others to elevate their thinking, all while demonstrating an undeniable lyrical ability and an unmatched delivery over various styles of production. He is currently working on the ONLY full length ALBUM He plans to release, titled "THE ALTERNATE ENDING" Whether you listen to energy driven songs like "sky dive" or lyrical assaults like "i does it"


both records are on the mix-tape LIFE on the LINE proving that His sound was clearly years ahead...

You can expect meticulously introspective content, unapologetic narrations in song format and rhyme schemes so complex and unorthodox, yet cohesive and cleverly arranged. Coupled with immense wit, supreme wordplay and an energy that can only be described as polished grit over an outstanding ear for production.


 (mix-tape series)