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In twenty twelve I was pretty much done with rap, I had a 3 year old son, a great paying job and no reason to release four mixtapes on datpiff, but I did. the 4 tapes were part of a series that we refer to as "the catalog" documenting a decade of recording for myself and unused reference tracks which I did for other artists.


The thing is, I've been recording music since 16 years old and I just wanted to give it one big push before I truly called it quits. What happened next completely changed my perception. Some random girl named Elise from Staten Island, took a few records from datpiff and added them to her soundcloud, and people started reaching out to her about me. a lot! so much so that she Reached out to me and asked to be my manager.


My email started to get flooded with props and an organic following began to unfold.

I became active on twitter and created my own soundcloud account to release music via that platform. I was once again motivated to continue. Because I spent a solid 10 years producing beats, recording raps and working on being a good songwriter, I had plenty of records to keep growing my fan base... and a 2nd wind.


if you choose to check some of my songs out, you will get a genuine offering from all of my efforts... from early arrogance to struggling with guilt and paranoia, to celebrating near misses with death and escaping incarceration on several occasions. My records are a reflection of my relationships, my desire to win and the hustle that it took for me to gain spiritual and financial stability. I speak on my criminal past and the transition into a working class lifestyle. 

I'm currently co-founder of obsxd.com and head of A&R for OBEY SOUND ltd.

I'm not the traditional rapper in the sense of looking for "a big record", to do shows with etc., that's all good for some but my version of that is simply being in the lab cooking up some  theme music for my true supporters.