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we are a self contained Digital content distributor. designed for indie record labels and artists to become visible... What separates us from similar PLATFORMS is that we can take your plans and turn them into a bankable projects regardless of the size of your budget or your marketing strategy, In Fact, we will add to your budget in exchange for a profit sharing agreement, that's how much we believe in our system - so if you want to promote on WSHH as an example,, we will split the cost with you!! just like that!!! other platforms only promote your content while you cross your fingers. our unique " Radio Style Formatting presents your content to an audience in a more traditional sense of communicating. Your brand is made available daily along with new content allowing the potential fan to actually engage with your offering. major music companies are constantly seeking the next big artist, but if you are not in their radar it will be impossible to get a fair shot.. our goal is to supply you with all of the marketing and developmental resources needed to grow your brand - by using obeysound.com for your branding needs, we will target a variety of markets. potentially reaching out to millions of HIP HOP fans we deliver quality results​​​  that WILL increase your  profits  the bottom line is to add value to your next release.

Are you in the process of creating a NAME for yourself as an Artist or Producer?
are you currently working on a single? an EP or maybe a full ALBUM?
Let us take your project to the next level - sound cult MGMT. can help you make an impact ​ CONTACT us when you are ready to make a career out of doing the music you love... ever noticed how you hear the same songs on the radio, the same Rappers on features and so forth, right? that's because the industry is based on GROUPS and UNIONS it' all about who you know and what team you are a part of. to become successful  you need the right team working with you. Join sound cult MG today and gain the advantage of having experienced Producers and Engineers working on your records... obeysound.com offers access to entertainment  Attorneys like  David M. Erlich and Steve Shapiro  allowing you to get the guidance you need to become a success in our culture -

If you are interested in Promotional AD space, email us with ADVERTISEMENT in the subject 

WE' will respond with an attached Media kit displaying the available real estate.

we value your opinions and your opinions but this method of communication is for serious inquiries only. thank you for your interest, respond time varies. obeysxund@gmail.com

we put you iN the game